Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

Man Falls Asleep Half Way Up Bridge Construction, Gets Woken Up By Firemen

This guy fell asleep almost on the top of the old tram bridge in Belgrade. People passing by noticed something unusual (ie guy sleeping some 10 meters above their heads) and called the firemen who rescued him, but they had to wake him up first. He did not remember how

Nick Cave at Exit Festival 2013


Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds will perform at Exit festival 2013, on July 14th. They are currently on tour promoting their new album “Push the Sky Away.” via Blic

Maja Nikolic: Weirdest Performance Of ‘I Will Always Love You’ Ever


I am sure that there are many bad renditions of Whitney Houston’s classic “I will always love you” out there. But this one by Maja Nikolic is not just bad. It’s bad, weird, scary and just plain crazy. As if it wasn’t enough, it ends with a completely gratuitous and

Racist is as racist does

After the U21 football game between Serbia and England, which ended with racist chants yelled by a great number of Serbian fans to black English players, England’s got beef with Serbia. According to the British tabloids, that is. If you read British tabloids, you may really begin to believe Serbia

Djokovic family values

Djokovic family values

Some discrepancies between Novak Djokovic and his father, Srdjan. This is what Novak wrote on his facebook page last night in Serbian (translated by me): I want to dedicate this victory, like all the others before, to my country and to each and every one of you in equal measure.

Milan Mladenovic street, Zagreb, Croatia


Remember this initiative four years ago to name a street in Belgrade after Milan Mladenovic, one of the greatest rock artists from former Yugoslavia? The initiative was a success in Belgrade eventually, and now, Zagreb in Croatia, Mladenovic’s birthplace will get a street named after him too. As much as

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