Ever wonder why we need to kiss each other? Scientists are trained to study this gesture, even if you don’t think so.

Scientists have studied kissing to understand why people do it. Scientists have yet to discover how and why this gesture of affection is possible. Two people touching their lips sensually could have evolved as a form or closeness between members in the same group. This can then be reduced to affection between two couples.

Researchers agree that kissing is not just about showing love; it’s also a way to get essential information that will help us select the right partner.

They believe that kissing can result in the release of chemicals which help us to unconsciously determine if the person we are kissing is a good match. According to yourtango.com, evolution’s main goal is to produce healthy, resistant offspring. Kissing appears to play an important role in this process.

Kissing is a way to be close enough to our partners to allow us to evaluate them.

It’s a form unconscious assessment. Pheromones, substances which transmit information about a person’s health and sexuality, play an important part in this.

When we say there is “chemistry,” it means that there is truth. A study by researchers has shown that women can smell the sweat of the men they are most compatible with genetically. They were most attracted to men with different genetic profiles than theirs.

This increases the likelihood of having healthy, more resilient children. You can also feel these cues by getting close to your partner for a kiss.

Kissing is more important to women than it is for men

Another study by Albany University in the United States showed that men and women perceive kissing in different ways. This gesture of closeness to a woman is more important than it is for men. Researchers found that men will have sex without ever having touched a woman while women won’t think of having sex with someone without first kissing him. This was not surprising considering that females in other species are more selective when it comes to choosing their partner.

However, the study found that men are more interested in French kisses.

Researchers believe that testosterone in men’s saliva is responsible for stimulating sexual desire and can be increased by kissing. Unconsciously, a man can detect estrogen levels in the saliva of a woman to tell him if she’s fertile.

Why do we love to kiss?

Kissing is not just a part of reproduction. It’s a gesture that makes you feel good.

The body secretes hormones during a kiss that make us feel happy, reduce stress levels, and bring us closer to our partner. Another study found that after a kiss the levels of oxytocin (also known as the “hormone to happiness”) increase and cortisol (the stress hormone) decrease. The cortisol levels drop after a kiss, regardless of how long the couple has been together. Kissing has two purposes: it stimulates us sexually and keeps us close to our partners.

Jim Rohn, an American entrepreneur and motivational speaker says we should take care of our bodies because it is the only place where we can live. It is the only place where you can live.” Perhaps if we were more knowledgeable about it, it would be easier to appreciate it and take better care of it.

The way our bodies function and are made is amazing. These 15 amazing facts about the human body are hard to believe but are very true.

1. If the DNA structure of a person were to align, it would reach a distance between Earth and Pluto.

2. To take one step, an adult uses 200 muscles.

3. Every ten years, the human skeleton gets completely renewed.

4. The body senses taste in 0.15 seconds. This is faster than blinking.

5. The human brain can process up to 1000 words per hour. To increase concentration and memory, it is a good idea to take a brain tonic during times of intellectual overload.

6. 35 million beats a year are recorded in the heart.

7. Brain contains 86 billion nerve cells, connected by 100 trillion connections. This is more than the number stars in the Milky Way.

8. On average, we produce approximately 25,000 liters saliva per year. This is enough to fill two swimming pools.

9. On average, a person consumes 35 tons of food in his lifetime. This staggering amount of food means that our digestive system requires some help. A digestive supplement can prevent or treat these problems.

10. The brain releases the same mix of hormones and neurotransmitters when we are in love.

11. Our muscles are stronger than we think. To protect the tendons and muscles against injury, human strength is limited. Adrenaline can help overcome this limitation. Some people can lift boulders and even cars.

12. Every second, 25 million cells are created in the body. It produces more cells every 13 seconds than the United States of America.

13. A woman can have up to 35 children in her lifetime, from a physical standpoint. Natural supplements for fertility or virility can be used to treat infertility and other issues related to sex.

14. Human bones can support weight as well as granite.

15. When we frown, we use 43 muscles, while smiling, only 17 muscles. It’s easier to smile than to frown.

If you asked me to describe Dubai, I wouldn’t say anything about supercars, luxury hotels or malls. We, Eastern Europeans, go to Dubai with two expectations, or rather two prejudices. It is a country where the wealthy and opulent live in luxury hotels, supercars, and impressive malls.

Instead, I’d rather tell you that Dubai has excellently thought out laws and regulations. It is also cosmopolitan with zero tolerance for criminality. It is the land with four lanes and people who smile, regardless of whether they are cleaning the streets or using public toilets, it is the land of four-lane streets. You can visit luxury beaches and free public beaches. Here you will find the latest Chanel models as well as the latest H&M collections. A meal for two at an average restaurant in Dubai costs the same as Romania. Let go of your prejudices and read below to learn more about Dubai and the 5 things we recommend for you if you do decide to visit.
Dubai: 10 things you should know

1. The environment is very safe as theft and physical abuse are not tolerated, regardless of whether they’re in bars or on the streets. The Emirates have a simple system: for any minor violation of the law you are fined, sent to jail, or kicked out.

2. Women are protected and respected. UAE is not Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia allows women to be executed in public places. It is not true that the entire Arab world punishes women for speaking out. This would be like saying that all Romanians are thieves or criminals because only 1-2 of their fellow citizens spoke up in Italy. You have the freedom to wear whatever you like in Dubai.

3. Dubai is not a conservative and modest place. No one will throw you in jail for wearing a short skirt, or holding hands with your lover while you are out on the streets. As in all western countries, the same rules of minimum decency apply.

4. Because the fines can be stinging, everyone is used to using trash cans and everything is clean. You are prohibited from eating, drinking, chewing gum, and even using the subway.

5. The cost of daily life is comparable to Romania, except for rents and property prices. You will pay the same amount for food and drink at both the supermarket and the restaurant. Surprisingly, but it is true.

6. The infrastructure for public transport is excellent, including metros, buses, trams and taxis. RTA, or the Roads and Transport Authority also regulates taxis so there won’t be any surcharges or refusals from bad drivers. All drivers are respectful, shirtless and don’t smell of sausages.

7. Dubai has a very sophisticated system to check vehicles so you won’t see any ruffians. A license is required to drive. It’s basically a registration for a vehicle. This license must be renewed each year. Yes. Every year, the cars are tested and can’t drive on the streets if they fail to pass the tests. A sticker will be placed on each car’s registration with the expiration date.

8. Dubai is an ideal place to witness how different cultures interact. It is one of the United Arab Emirates, and technically an Arab country. However, it is a mosaic of cultures and nationalities. A large number of Indians, Pakistanis, and Filipinos have travelled to Dubai for the betterment of their lives. This is in addition to Westerners like the British, French and Germans. Dubai is the city of globalization if you will.

9. Dubai’s heat can be unbearable during summer. To really enjoy the experience, you should visit Dubai between November-March, when temperatures are around 28-30 degrees and 18-22 at night.

10. Thick clothes are necessary. It’s not because it’s freezing outside, but because it is cold inside. Dubai has air conditioning that is set at 19-20 degrees. This will force you to take a jacket out of the bag.

Dubai: 5 Things to Do

Visit Burj Khalifa or Mall Dubai to see the Dubai Fountain Show

Although it is a very crowded area, it is a great place to see 5+ star Dubai. The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world. You can visit it to shop or eat. You can then see Dubai from the Burj Khalifa, which gives you an amazing view thanks to the sea sand towards the horizon. Although it might seem boring and predictable, the fountain show is quite impressive. I’ve never met anyone who said the moment gave them goosebumps or that the choreography and music weren’t great.

Visit Al Seef – Dubai Creek

You will find a place dedicated to the history, culture and heritage of Dubai in the middle of this modern city. Al Seef, or Dubai Creek, is a series of streets that run along the banks the canal. It houses a replica of an old city, complete with cafes, restaurants, hotels, and museums.

It’s the time of year when you have the greatest need for warmth. Perhaps it’s worth learning more about the topic you are most familiar with.

It is impossible to say everything about love. Yahoo again attempts to score 10 romantic, but still good, things about love. Take your hand and curl up under the duvet to remember all about love.

1. Chocolate is the best kind of love

It’s not unusual for newlyweds to be infatuated with each other. Helen Fisher, Rutgers University anthropologist, says that love can be like a drug addiction. The pleasure centers of the brain activate when you fall in love. Dopamine is a hormone that provides a feeling of well being and plays an important part in any addiction.

Chocolate activates the same brain regions, making it difficult to stop eating chocolate. This is why you can become obsessed with your spouse. It is possible to feel the same way even after years of marriage. The answer is yes.

If you do something different in your bedroom, or order Thai food instead of the standard pizza, you can achieve the same state as before.

2. Your nose will tell you that she is your match

Women can tell if their partner is the right one by using their nose. Women can smell their partner and know if it is good quality. This will help them to be successful in raising children.

Instinctively, women are irremediably drawn to genetically different men. It would mean that the children could be predisposed to health problems or have potential problems if it weren’t so.

Pheromones are the secret to the woman’s ability to smell like no other. This is especially true during ovulation when the senses of smell are at their most sensitive. The estrogen level rises when you like the scent, leading to desire.

3. Marriage doesn’t take you to the tops of despair; it keeps you healthy

It’s not true that marriage makes a man a man unman. Linda Waite, a University of Chicago socioologist, has explained that studies have shown that marriage can improve mental health and reduce depression.

A study also showed that those who didn’t go to the altar were more likely to end up in the insane asylum.

4. Marriage keeps you healthy

It is beneficial for the mind to say “yes” before the civil status officer and in front the altar. Even those with the most difficult marriages, married people are more physically healthy than single people. People who sex frequently like the best سكس العرب actors are more likely to have happy marriages.

They are more resilient to flu and cold viruses, have a better immune system, have lower long-term illness rates, and have a higher chance of being disabled.

They also live longer than singles, with an 8-year increase in life expectancy. Only happy couples are protected from stroke and heart disease. The heart can be a bit harder to fool.

5. More happy married than being rich

What makes people happy? While health is important, a strong marriage seems to be the most important. Dartmouth University’s study found that being married gives you the same level of satisfaction as if your income was $100,000 more per year. It is also true that married people are truly wealthy.

6. Father’s love, singular

It is amazing to see a father caring for his baby. This is when unique hormonal changes occur in the body of the father. His testosterone level (hormone associated to aggression) drops while his levels of oxytocin, vasopressin, and oxytocin increase. This allows him to form a special, very close relationship with his child.

These changes have been occurring since the beginning of history, and they are now more apparent than ever since men abandoned the macho mentality. Recent research showed that 93% percent of fathers who take their children to school hug them at least once per week. This is an increase from the 90% it was 10 years ago.

They hugged them 60% of the time. This gesture can be beneficial for both of them, as it lowers heart rate, blood pressure, and stress hormone levels, which in turn boosts the immune system.

7. You would be surprised at how strong your love for animals is

The signs are clear: low blood pressure, reduced loneliness. Research from the University of Missouri-Columbia has shown that hormone changes caused by interaction between humans and dogs could help to neutralize depression, stress-related diseases, and even suicide.

A few minutes with a quadruped can have a positive effect on your stress hormone levels. Researcher Rebecca Johnson says that you don’t need a puppy to make this happen. It’s enough to have a friend with quadrupeds.

8. Horizontal activity keeps you young

A study of 3,500 people at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland shows that those who work in pairs four to five times per week look 10 years older than those who have intimate relationships only twice a week.

For men, the reason is that testosterone levels increase during orgasms, which helps them maintain their muscle mass. Women are more likely to have shinier hair and skin that is younger due to the higher levels of estrogen.

9. Romance in action movies

A University of Michigan study found that romantic movies can incite similar feelings in men. However, they won’t admit it. Research has shown that men feel more comfortable caring for you if they watch a romantic movie.

It will be hard for you to convince Bridget Jones to watch Bridget Jones with you, but it is possible if you make an action movie that has some strategically slipped romance. Casablanca is the best option.

10. Love is a miracle prayer

As if you didn’t have enough reason to turn Barry White off and get to work, here are some more. According to a Johns Hopkins University study, 200% more endorphins are released during sexual activity.

Studies have also shown that intimacy can help with migraines and depression. The natural antihistamine adrenaline released also helps to get rid of the common cold. A study has shown that adrenaline is 10 times more effective in calming and satisfying than Valium.

Constipation, constipation and bloating are all problems that can affect the digestive system. The main factors that affect the functioning of your digestive system are diet, lifestyle, and stress levels.

For a healthy immune system, balanced mind, and energy, proper digestion is essential. We invite you to learn more about the digestive system, and see the list of plants that support optimal digestion.

How does the digestive system function?

Your digestive system is responsible to convert food into energy and nutrients that are used by your body. It is composed of many organs, blood vessels, hormones and hormones that all work together to ensure digestion.

The digestive system is not an isolated entity. It is closely linked to the nervous system, endocrine, and immune systems. The digestion process begins at the hypothalamus (the part of the brain that stimulates the appetite).

It is also the brain that determines how you will eat food, based on your mood and body health.

The amount of time it takes to digest food will vary depending on the individual’s gender and their age. The average digestion time takes 6-8 hours from the moment you eat to the time the food reaches your colon.

What organs ensure digestion?

As we said at the beginning, the digestive system is made up of many organs. Each one plays a different role in digestion. This is how food digestion works in its entirety.

Mouth: The process of mastication and saliva break down food into smaller pieces that are then swallowed.
Spleen: Cleanses blood from impurities and stores it to protect the body from infection and blood loss.
Stomach: Hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes are present in this product that aid in digestion.
Liver: This organ is responsible for producing bile, and then releasing it into small intestine.

Gallbladder: Stores the bile between meals.
The pancreas is responsible for the chemical digestion and secretion of insulin. This hormone regulates blood sugar levels, which in turn ensures that the body’s health.
The small intestine: It’s responsible for the completion of digestion.
Colon: Completes digestion and facilitates the conversion of food residues to faeces.

What natural herbs can be beneficial to the digestive system?

There are many natural herbs you can use to treat or prevent constipation.

1. Ginger

It has been used to treat stomach cramps and indigestion for over 200 years. You can use it in natural remedies to relieve digestive problems. Vegis.ro has over 50 ginger-based teas and remedies that are beneficial to the body.

2. Mint

It is a herbaceous perennial commonly known as good isma, or garden isma. Mint can be used to treat a variety of ailments. It is good for the digestive system as it helps with flatulence, slow digestion, and bile secretion.

3. Fennel

Essential oils rich in anethole, fennel and other essential oils are high in fennel seeds. Fennel tea aids digestion and reduces bloating.

4. Chamomile

The anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile extract can help with cramps and diarrhea. Chamomile extract can also prevent the development of gastrointestinal problems.

5. Lavender

Lavender oil is known for its many therapeutic properties. It can be used to treat bloating, stomach problems due to stress, and abdominal colic.

6. Turmeric

This plant is used in Asian cuisine to season food. It is known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial qualities, which are beneficial in relieving bloating as well as supporting the healthy functioning of the liver.

7. St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort remedies can be taken in tea, capsules, or as a tincture. St. John’s Wort has been used since ancient times to treat stomach pains, liver detoxification, and prevent digestive problems.

8. Rosemary

The many benefits this plant has for the body are well-known. Rosemary stimulates the production of bile, and reduces spasms.

9. Sage

Sage tea is beneficial for many ailments. Sage tea can be used to support digestion. It promotes normal bile release and helps reduce bloating.

We recommend that you learn the secrets to easy digestion, in addition to the benefits of using beneficial plants.

Good health to you until the next blog meeting!

For women, sex is not a key element in a happy marriage. However, for men, it can be. Men consider sex an essential part of a long-term marriage. However, the couple’s lives are dependent on frequent love parties. But sex is not something a woman who is in a bad mood would want, regardless of whether it is sadness, anger, frustration, stress, or any other reason.

Women are not always willing to be with their partner, and some women will say NO when necessary. Refusing to be with a partner is considered a form of punishment by men. There is a huge difference between a woman who doesn’t feel like having sex and one who refuses to have it. Your wife may be trying to convey a message to you in the last version.

Here are some reasons she won’t accept you, and what you can do.

She is angry and refuses to be with someone she loves.

This is the number one reason why your wife will reject you. You can make her mad if you do something that makes her angry. She will then try to fulfill your deepest desires. An angry woman will not want to be with someone she doesn’t like. A woman who is angry will not want to be loved. While men can get rid of their negative emotions more quickly and move on with their lives, it’s more difficult for women. It’s okay to let it go through a sex party. But women want to be free of the anger first.

You can find the cause of the upset and work out a solution. Sometimes even the simple fact that you know you did something wrong can be enough to bring her back to normal. Even if you’re not the most communicative person, talk to her to resolve the problem.

He attempts to control the relationship

Even if she loves you and you show it, her refusal to fall in love with you can be a sign that she wants to control you and your relationship. The woman who has control over a certain part of the relationship, such as sex, will have a greater sexual appetite than the man if she looks at سكس. This may be to show you who is boss in bed, or to compensate for his lack of control over other areas of his life.

If she refuses to do so, it is possible to change her mind by complimenting her sexual skills. You will show your appreciation for her sexual skills and let her know that you don’t expect her to be a boss.

He manipulates you

Perhaps your wife is looking for something in return. This could be why she has rejected all of your attempts at making love. Your wife may resort to the ultimate weapon if nothing else has worked. She will refuse to sex with you until she gives in to your demands. These aren’t cheap, or you wouldn’t be here.

It is easiest to let him have what he wants. If you don’t have what you need, ask her why. Perhaps he will eventually get it.

She is bored

He may avoid love parties because he doesn’t get pleasure from them. Women are often embarrassed to discuss sex with partners, particularly if there is a problem. Instead of saying “What’s wrong”, he prefers to say “No.”

You might suggest trying something new sexually in this instance. You can go to a sex shop with your partner and purchase something that makes you both happy. You can also buy an explicit book to spice up your sex life. You may be able to find love again.

She is tired

Perhaps your wife is tired and has no energy to go to the bedroom. Maybe you just want to have more sex and your wife isn’t able to keep up. She is also busy with other things, which makes it difficult for her to have sex.

You can help your wife relax by finding ways to get her to take a deep breath before you propose to her bed. Give your wife a bath or a massage. Relaxation will make him more open to love. You might consider reducing your demands during times when she’s not busy.

He is cheating on your behalf

It is possible that the reason she won’t let you in her bed is because she is having sex. The problem is more serious than a lack of sex in the relationship. If you suspect he is cheating on your, and you have more grounds than his refusal to sex with you, speak up and listen to him explain. You will need to decide if you discover he’s having an affair or whether you want to keep the relationship going.

He is playing with you

Sex is a fundamental part of men’s lives and they will do anything to have it. This is why it is important to communicate openly and frequently with your partner and resolve any problems that may arise. You don’t need to be in a situation where you nag for sex and she says NO every time.

Are you feeling more tired than usual? You may feel more tired than usual if your condition is already severe.

Let’s explore the phenomena together to understand how vital this mineral is for a perfect physical condition.

Iron is an essential nutrient that maintains proper tissue function. Iron is an essential component of hemoglobin. This substance is found in red blood cells and picks up oxygen from the lung to transport it throughout your body. Hemoglobin accounts for about two-thirds the iron in the human body. Your body cannot produce sufficient oxygen-carrying red cells to support the iron levels, which can lead to a decrease in oxygenation. Iron deficiency (or iron deficiency) is a condition that affects the body.

Insufficient oxygenation can also cause exhaustion, which compromises the immune system, and even the proper functioning and function of the brain. Dizziness and loss of concentration are common symptoms.

Iron deficiency symptoms and causes are common

Apart from the anemia symptoms already mentioned, it’s also important to know that there are other signs of iron deficiency.

  • headache (headache);
  • The skin is yellow in color
  • Brittle nails and hair
  • Cold hands and feet
  • chest pain;
  • An irregular heart rhythm
  • Feeling of being suffocated;
  • visual disturbances;
  • Restless legs syndrome (the tendency for the legs to move at will, even when you are not moving them).

Good news! Iron deficiency can often be avoided and even controlled. A blood test called sideremia is recommended once per year.

Iron deficiency is more common in women than in men. This is because pregnancy and menstruation are two factors that decrease the iron levels in the body. Menstruation has a direct effect on iron levels through blood loss. The expectant mother’s iron requirement increases up to 50% during pregnancy. This mineral is also essential for the formation and harmonious development of the foetus.

Iron deficiency can also be caused by intense physical exertion. This is why athletes who are competitive need to take iron supplements. The body’s iron reserves can be affected by certain antibiotics like ciprofloxacin and levofloxacin.

Iron is a reliable support for your overall health.

Understanding the effects of iron deficiency can have on your body is important. You also need to understand what benefits you can enjoy if your body has a normal level of iron. Keep in mind that your daily iron requirements are affected by factors like age and gender.

These are the main features of the iron requirement graph.

  • Children aged between 1 and 13 years: 7 to 11 mg iron per day
    27 mg per day during pregnancy
  • Men: 8 mg iron per day

Now that you’ve consulted your doctor and know the iron requirements for you, these are the iron benefits that you can reap the maximum benefit from.

It supports the efficiency and resistance of the immune system

Iron is essential for strengthening the immune system and helping to prevent infection. Iron in hemoglobin’s composition is crucial for oxygenation and preventing tissue damage. Hemoglobin plays a vital role in the immune system’s optimal functioning.

It helps prevent cognitive decline and insomnia

Iron is good for your nervous system. Iron is essential for normal brain function. It has been medically established. The brain requires proper oxygenation to ensure that cognitive functions do not suffer. Iron is essential for blood flow and neural connections. It helps prevent the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Iron deficiency could also be a possible cause of your insomnia if you have frequent episodes and feel tired all the time. Include foods high in iron (broccoli and spinach, beans, oleaginous fruit, etc.) in your daily diet to prevent insomnia from becoming chronic.

Radiant skin, strong hair and nails

While little is known about iron’s impact on skin, hair, and nails, it’s important to remember that this mineral must be present in your body. Iron is an essential nutrient in the production of collagen. This protein is found in nearly all human tissues. Collagen is also important for the skin’s elasticity and firmness. As we age, our collagen levels decrease and fine lines are more apparent.

It is important to eat a balanced diet rich in iron. For extra support, you can consider collagen-based supplements, or those specifically designed for beauty and hair (Skin, Nails & Hair).

Iron benefits include faster healing of wounds from burns, scars, and surgery, as it promotes oxygenation in tissues and cells. You can get nutrition and iron-based supplements if you choose to have a more involved cosmetic procedure, such as dermabrasion. This involves removing the superficial layers from the epidermis. Iron can also be used to treat a variety of skin conditions, such as dermatitis or eczema.

Iron deficiency can lead to brittle nails and hair. If you are suffering from insomnia, iron will come to your rescue.

Iron-rich foods

Iron deficiency can often be avoided or corrected by changing your diet. Iron deficiency is not always a sign of iron deficiency. This is especially true if you eat a varied and balanced diet.

These are some other suggestions for healthy eating that does not lack iron from natural sources:

  • oat;
  • spinach;
  • broccoli;
  • Wheat germ
  • lentils;
  • beans;
  • Brown rice
  • quinoa;
  • cashew;
  • chickpeas;
  • pistachio;
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Sesame seeds;
  • Flaxseed;
  • mushrooms;
  • Beet;
  • Watermelon;
  • tofu cheese;
  • Beef or chicken
  • egg yolk;
  • Seafood.

Keep in mind that vitamin A facilitates iron absorption in the body. It is therefore advisable to eat foods high in vitamin C (citruses, raspberries, rose hips and cantaloupe, as well as broccoli, kale and other vegetables). or vitamin C supplements. Take a look at your diet and see the benefits iron has on the entire body.

A top iron supplement: Gentle Iron 20 mg

Solgar, a premium brand of premium supplements, offers a safe formula for your well-being: Gentle Iron 20mg, 90 easy to administer vegetable capsules. Iron bisglycinate is an efficient form of iron that is absorbed quickly without the need to take vitamin C.

Side effects of iron supplements include constipation, gastroesophageal acid reflux, and bloating. However, the Solgar formula is suitable for vegetarians and ensures abdominal comfort.

Iron consumption: Warnings and Contraindications

While iron has many health benefits, it is worth noting the negative side effects. A varied diet with natural iron sources will not harm you. Iron supplements can be a good option, but consult a doctor before taking them.

It is important to know that iron supplementation can cause significant discomfort. This can be characterized by unpleasant sensations.

  1. Stomach ache
  2. Unexplained weight loss
  3. joint pain;
  4. weakness;
  5. Hair loss at an increased rate
  6. Skin pigmentation
  7. Women can experience a quantitative reduction, or even complete absence, of menstruation.
  8. Thickening of blood and, over time, the development cardiovascular diseases.

Consider consulting a doctor before self-diagnosing. Also, make sure to get the analysis recommended by a specialist.

People place sex at bottom of their priorities because of everyday worries. This is why many couples are affected. These are some ways to ensure your sex life doesn’t suffer. These seduction techniques will make your wife more interested in sex and happy.

Grab his attention and say to him that you would like to have sex.

You can make your wife feel special by giving her a seductive glance that makes you look at her and lets you know how sexy you are. This is a much better way to make your wife feel loved than saying, “Honey, it has been three days since I had sex and it’s time for me to have it again!” You would be very upset if your wife said this to you. She wouldn’t interpret the words in the same manner.

You can send her signals to let her know what you want!

Create a body language your wife can understand: a caress or a tantric kiss in an area you know is sensitive, etc. You can do it in public. According to sexologists, messages that are sent when another person is present are more exciting. Even more so if you understand what the movement means.

Do not miss the chance to tell your wife how much sex you love.

Don’t forget to tell your wife every time you speak, what you enjoy most about sex. How did you feel the last time you were in love? What would you do if you could repeat the experience? You can leave messages in your home or purse. To fulfill her matrimonial duties, she will accept anything that makes her feel happy, valued, and not forced to have sexual relations.

If you give him more attention, it will be easier for you to convince him to have sex.

Ever wonder why you sex so much more before marriage? It’s simple. Because you were more attentive to him before marriage. When you place the pirostris before the altar, you feel certain of her feelings and then you stop paying attention to this chapter. You can imagine that she isn’t your wife but a woman you want every day to conquer. You already know what you need to do. You will convince her if you were able to convince her in the beginning of your relationship. Make her feel special and give her small gifts. You should show him that you are paying attention to him.

Surprise her with a morning shower! You can convince her with hot water and your affections to have sex.

Hot water combined with fine shower gels, your caresses and a good mix of heat can lead to success. You should not underestimate the power and potential dangers of the unexpected. You have nothing to lose by surprising your wife with a morning shower. You can only win, on the contrary!

How many times per week should we have sex? The simple and correct answer to this question is that we should sex as often as we feel the urge.

The brain produces oxytocin when there is physical touch. This happens in both men and women. Orgasm triggers the release of vasopressin and oxytocin in the brain. These hormones are known as “feel-good” hormones. They also promote and support attachment.

However, studies have shown that sexual desire and needs can be categorized by age.

Statistics show that a couple aged 30 years has an average of two to three sexual relations per day, with their frequency declining as they age.

It’s normal for a 40 year-old couple not to have sex as often as a 20 year-old couple.

Around the age of 20, a frequency of about 3-4 times per week is possible. Around the age 35, there are 2-3 weekly contacts, while at 45, it is a maximum of 2. People have sexual intercourse once a week at 60.

The frequency of age changes

According to doctors who specialize in obstetrics or gynecology, a young man can have sexual relationships daily, or even multiple times per day. It will become more difficult for him, however, to keep in shape as he gets older.

For women, 35 is the ideal age for sex. The lack of orgasm affects women between 18 and 30, 54%, but 36% suffer from a lack of sexual desire. This is a trend that begins to change around age 35. Women are more confident and have a better chance of finding a partner.

The studies also debunked many other myths about sex. It was shown that men do not think about sex all of the time, and that sex is the most important part of their lives. Both men and women are equally concerned with sex. It seems that sex is more important than a high income.

Statistics show that the first 2 years of marriage are the most successful. After that, the couple should make every effort to live a happy life. Neuman explains that there are many everyday factors that can affect households. You may have been looking for topics to talk about with your partner before you got married. However, when you get married, it is important that you only discuss the everyday concerns of the couple, such as the bank rates, mortgage payments, and the need for sleep. These obligations don’t create a romantic atmosphere or help couples have a satisfying sex life.

Women reach orgasm faster

Statistics also reveal that men recover much faster than women and that each contact takes longer. The woman, however, is multi-orgasmic by her nature.

A woman doesn’t need to take a long break in order to have an orgasm again. The study found that men prefer to express their emotions through actions and gestures rather than words. This is because it is easier for women.

“The human body only has four hunger pangs: sex, food, water, and sleep. You don’t need food if you get enough sleep and enough sex. It’s amazing how many parties there are. A normal man has one sex per week. You live three years longer if you have sex twice as often. You get more sex the better. Your life expectancy increases. Women want better sex. Men prefer more sex. Specialists agree that orgasms are important for women. However, good sex is also beneficial to them.

  • Orgasm is the best analgesic
  • Sex reduces breast and prostate cancer
  • Increases immunity
  • energizes
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Increases self-confidence

Milan M. Ćirković, Serbian astronomer and blogger collected an interesting list of 50 things the general public in Serbia is prone to believing, mostly thanks to the uncritical attitude towards the numerous information they have been fed by various media over the decades. You can also test yourselves, the theories are not limited to this region, and do not necessarily apply just to the Serbs. Mr Cirkovic collected the items on the list by talking to people, surfing various popular blogs and forums, reading the news comments and so on. As someone who frequently does this, I can confirm that I have seen most of them repeat during the past ten or twenty years so the list is very good collection. Read the following statements and count on how many of them you could say “I agree”:

Global warming is a myth invented by the environmental and other malicious lobbies.

The Serbs have never attacked anyone, nor took part in any aggressive war.

Without artificial fertilizers, herbicides and genetically modified foods it’s possible to feed the entire population of the planet.

Although the Serbs had never been anti-Semitist, the Jews still every now and work against us.

The greatest percentage of humanity is starving today than at any time in history.

Albert Einstein would not have achieved anything in science if he hadn’t been married to Mileva Maric.

Numerology, horoscope, palmistry and quackery are compatible with Christianity and Orthodoxy.

American astronauts have never landed on the moon, everything was filmed in Hollywood.

Forks were invented in medieval Serbia.

Secret Service can not effectively perform their lawful duties, if they are under democratic parliamentary oversight.

Mortality from influenza (in Serbia or in the entire world) is less than the mortality in traffic accidents.

Adolf Hitler considered the Serbs to be more dangerous enemies of the German Reich than the English or French.

Astrology is an ancient and not enough understood science.

Aztecs, Incas and other pre-Columbus Indians lived in social harmony, without war and violence before the brutal European invaders arrived.

Belgrade University has a long academic tradition, just like Western European or American universities.

Total solar eclipse in August 1999. was dangerous to life or health of the people.

Slovenians are traditional Serbian enemies, who before the dissolution of Yugoslavia have never had their own state.

Solar energy is a cheap substitute for fossil fuels and solution to all energy problems of the mankind.

Nikola Tesla presented himself as an Orthodox Serb.

There is no evidence that passive smoking causes cancer diseases and other health problems.

In Serbia, there is less domestic violence than in EU countries.

Rolling Stones / Residents / Ramones are bands that promote Satanism.

Banks are an invention of Western capitalists so that they could rob the poor of the world.

There were no political prisoners or human rights violations in Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia.

Darwinian evolution is “just a theory” that does not give adequate explanation in biology and leads people to immorality.

Serbian schools and students are among the best in Europe and worldwide.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all contemporary terrorists are Muslim.

Serbia is well represented on the Shanghai list of top 500 world universities.

It is very dangerous to eat tomatoes and other agricultural crops with genes.

Kremna prophecy has accurately predicted many events in Serbian history.

Opening of the files of secret services in the former communist countries of Eastern Europe, did the citizens of these countries more damage than good.

Christianity is incompatible with women priestesses.

Germans in Vojvodina were mainly Nazis who massively took part in SS units during World War II.

State ownership of heavy industry turned out to be a success in many countries around the world.

Danilo Kis was a mediocre writer and Zionist.

South Asian tsunami in December 2004, by far the most devastating disasters of this century, was artificially induced.

Vuk Karadzic created the Cyrillic alphabet.

Before the Second World War, the majority population in Kosovo was Serbian.

Modern physics and cosmology confirm the existence of a Creator.

Joseph Stalin liquidated mostly his political opponents.

Gays never existed in the traditional Serbian society.

Miodrag Petrovic Ckalja attended the meeting of Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin at Yalta, which was also caught on film.

Important scientific and philosophical works of Rudjer Boskovic, Mihajlo Pupin, Branislav Petronijevic and Milutin Milanković were written in Serbian.

The rule of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia was a period of genuine equality and fraternity among the citizens of that country.

The Bilderberg group and the Trilateral Commission control the flow of all information on the Internet.

Loan for Serbia’s revival in 1989. ended in a brilliant economic result.

Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic never praised Western European (especially not the English) culture and science.

Noam Chomsky is subjected to brutal repression for his views on U.S. foreign policy.

There is almost no illiteracy in Serbia, and the little that exists is limited to the Roma, Albanians and other minorities.

There is scientific evidence for the upcoming global catastrophe in 2012.

Test solution, as presented by Cirkovic on the Pescanik website: if you have zero “I agree” answers, you’re good. One “I agree” means there’s still hope for you, while two “I agree” answers and more means you fell under the influence of the media and became more stupid. Sorry.