Milan M. Ćirković, Serbian astronomer and blogger collected an interesting list of 50 things the general public in Serbia is prone to believing, mostly thanks to the uncritical attitude towards the numerous information they have been fed by various media over the decades. You can also test yourselves, the theories are not limited to this region, and do not necessarily apply just to the Serbs. Mr Cirkovic collected the items on the list by talking to people, surfing various popular blogs and forums, reading the news comments and so on. As someone who frequently does this, I can confirm that I have seen most of them repeat during the past ten or twenty years so the list is very good collection. Read the following statements and count on how many of them you could say “I agree”:

Global warming is a myth invented by the environmental and other malicious lobbies.

The Serbs have never attacked anyone, nor took part in any aggressive war.

Without artificial fertilizers, herbicides and genetically modified foods it’s possible to feed the entire population of the planet.

Although the Serbs had never been anti-Semitist, the Jews still every now and work against us.

The greatest percentage of humanity is starving today than at any time in history.

Albert Einstein would not have achieved anything in science if he hadn’t been married to Mileva Maric.

Numerology, horoscope, palmistry and quackery are compatible with Christianity and Orthodoxy.

American astronauts have never landed on the moon, everything was filmed in Hollywood.

Forks were invented in medieval Serbia.

Secret Service can not effectively perform their lawful duties, if they are under democratic parliamentary oversight.

Mortality from influenza (in Serbia or in the entire world) is less than the mortality in traffic accidents.

Adolf Hitler considered the Serbs to be more dangerous enemies of the German Reich than the English or French.

Astrology is an ancient and not enough understood science.

Aztecs, Incas and other pre-Columbus Indians lived in social harmony, without war and violence before the brutal European invaders arrived.

Belgrade University has a long academic tradition, just like Western European or American universities.

Total solar eclipse in August 1999. was dangerous to life or health of the people.

Slovenians are traditional Serbian enemies, who before the dissolution of Yugoslavia have never had their own state.

Solar energy is a cheap substitute for fossil fuels and solution to all energy problems of the mankind.

Nikola Tesla presented himself as an Orthodox Serb.

There is no evidence that passive smoking causes cancer diseases and other health problems.

In Serbia, there is less domestic violence than in EU countries.

Rolling Stones / Residents / Ramones are bands that promote Satanism.

Banks are an invention of Western capitalists so that they could rob the poor of the world.

There were no political prisoners or human rights violations in Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia.

Darwinian evolution is “just a theory” that does not give adequate explanation in biology and leads people to immorality.

Serbian schools and students are among the best in Europe and worldwide.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all contemporary terrorists are Muslim.

Serbia is well represented on the Shanghai list of top 500 world universities.

It is very dangerous to eat tomatoes and other agricultural crops with genes.

Kremna prophecy has accurately predicted many events in Serbian history.

Opening of the files of secret services in the former communist countries of Eastern Europe, did the citizens of these countries more damage than good.

Christianity is incompatible with women priestesses.

Germans in Vojvodina were mainly Nazis who massively took part in SS units during World War II.

State ownership of heavy industry turned out to be a success in many countries around the world.

Danilo Kis was a mediocre writer and Zionist.

South Asian tsunami in December 2004, by far the most devastating disasters of this century, was artificially induced.

Vuk Karadzic created the Cyrillic alphabet.

Before the Second World War, the majority population in Kosovo was Serbian.

Modern physics and cosmology confirm the existence of a Creator.

Joseph Stalin liquidated mostly his political opponents.

Gays never existed in the traditional Serbian society.

Miodrag Petrovic Ckalja attended the meeting of Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin at Yalta, which was also caught on film.

Important scientific and philosophical works of Rudjer Boskovic, Mihajlo Pupin, Branislav Petronijevic and Milutin Milanković were written in Serbian.

The rule of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia was a period of genuine equality and fraternity among the citizens of that country.

The Bilderberg group and the Trilateral Commission control the flow of all information on the Internet.

Loan for Serbia’s revival in 1989. ended in a brilliant economic result.

Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic never praised Western European (especially not the English) culture and science.

Noam Chomsky is subjected to brutal repression for his views on U.S. foreign policy.

There is almost no illiteracy in Serbia, and the little that exists is limited to the Roma, Albanians and other minorities.

There is scientific evidence for the upcoming global catastrophe in 2012.

Test solution, as presented by Cirkovic on the Pescanik website: if you have zero “I agree” answers, you’re good. One “I agree” means there’s still hope for you, while two “I agree” answers and more means you fell under the influence of the media and became more stupid. Sorry.