It’s the time of year when you have the greatest need for warmth. Perhaps it’s worth learning more about the topic you are most familiar with.

It is impossible to say everything about love. Yahoo again attempts to score 10 romantic, but still good, things about love. Take your hand and curl up under the duvet to remember all about love.

1. Chocolate is the best kind of love

It’s not unusual for newlyweds to be infatuated with each other. Helen Fisher, Rutgers University anthropologist, says that love can be like a drug addiction. The pleasure centers of the brain activate when you fall in love. Dopamine is a hormone that provides a feeling of well being and plays an important part in any addiction.

Chocolate activates the same brain regions, making it difficult to stop eating chocolate. This is why you can become obsessed with your spouse. It is possible to feel the same way even after years of marriage. The answer is yes.

If you do something different in your bedroom, or order Thai food instead of the standard pizza, you can achieve the same state as before.

2. Your nose will tell you that she is your match

Women can tell if their partner is the right one by using their nose. Women can smell their partner and know if it is good quality. This will help them to be successful in raising children.

Instinctively, women are irremediably drawn to genetically different men. It would mean that the children could be predisposed to health problems or have potential problems if it weren’t so.

Pheromones are the secret to the woman’s ability to smell like no other. This is especially true during ovulation when the senses of smell are at their most sensitive. The estrogen level rises when you like the scent, leading to desire.

3. Marriage doesn’t take you to the tops of despair; it keeps you healthy

It’s not true that marriage makes a man a man unman. Linda Waite, a University of Chicago socioologist, has explained that studies have shown that marriage can improve mental health and reduce depression.

A study also showed that those who didn’t go to the altar were more likely to end up in the insane asylum.

4. Marriage keeps you healthy

It is beneficial for the mind to say “yes” before the civil status officer and in front the altar. Even those with the most difficult marriages, married people are more physically healthy than single people. People who sex frequently like the best سكس العرب actors are more likely to have happy marriages.

They are more resilient to flu and cold viruses, have a better immune system, have lower long-term illness rates, and have a higher chance of being disabled.

They also live longer than singles, with an 8-year increase in life expectancy. Only happy couples are protected from stroke and heart disease. The heart can be a bit harder to fool.

5. More happy married than being rich

What makes people happy? While health is important, a strong marriage seems to be the most important. Dartmouth University’s study found that being married gives you the same level of satisfaction as if your income was $100,000 more per year. It is also true that married people are truly wealthy.

6. Father’s love, singular

It is amazing to see a father caring for his baby. This is when unique hormonal changes occur in the body of the father. His testosterone level (hormone associated to aggression) drops while his levels of oxytocin, vasopressin, and oxytocin increase. This allows him to form a special, very close relationship with his child.

These changes have been occurring since the beginning of history, and they are now more apparent than ever since men abandoned the macho mentality. Recent research showed that 93% percent of fathers who take their children to school hug them at least once per week. This is an increase from the 90% it was 10 years ago.

They hugged them 60% of the time. This gesture can be beneficial for both of them, as it lowers heart rate, blood pressure, and stress hormone levels, which in turn boosts the immune system.

7. You would be surprised at how strong your love for animals is

The signs are clear: low blood pressure, reduced loneliness. Research from the University of Missouri-Columbia has shown that hormone changes caused by interaction between humans and dogs could help to neutralize depression, stress-related diseases, and even suicide.

A few minutes with a quadruped can have a positive effect on your stress hormone levels. Researcher Rebecca Johnson says that you don’t need a puppy to make this happen. It’s enough to have a friend with quadrupeds.

8. Horizontal activity keeps you young

A study of 3,500 people at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland shows that those who work in pairs four to five times per week look 10 years older than those who have intimate relationships only twice a week.

For men, the reason is that testosterone levels increase during orgasms, which helps them maintain their muscle mass. Women are more likely to have shinier hair and skin that is younger due to the higher levels of estrogen.

9. Romance in action movies

A University of Michigan study found that romantic movies can incite similar feelings in men. However, they won’t admit it. Research has shown that men feel more comfortable caring for you if they watch a romantic movie.

It will be hard for you to convince Bridget Jones to watch Bridget Jones with you, but it is possible if you make an action movie that has some strategically slipped romance. Casablanca is the best option.

10. Love is a miracle prayer

As if you didn’t have enough reason to turn Barry White off and get to work, here are some more. According to a Johns Hopkins University study, 200% more endorphins are released during sexual activity.

Studies have also shown that intimacy can help with migraines and depression. The natural antihistamine adrenaline released also helps to get rid of the common cold. A study has shown that adrenaline is 10 times more effective in calming and satisfying than Valium.