At the beginning of a relationship, sex can be exciting and interesting. It loses much of its intensity as the relationship progresses, especially if both partners fail to maintain the flame and keep the relationship alive. Even long-lasting relationships can still have spice and passion.

It is important to take immediate action to bring back the excitement and vitality of the relationship when it becomes boring. You will enjoy the most sexy time of your life if you restore passion in your relationship.

Perversion is part and parcel of sex.

The two concepts are not actually distinct. However, each person may interpret it differently. Some people find it crazy while others find it boring.

You will need to choose the right shades for you and your partner based on your personality and preferences.

This is how you can bring back passion and have the most amazing sex parties in your life.

1. While dancing in a club, touch and rub each other lasciviously.

2. While you are having sex, let others observe.

3. You can have sex in a large mirror-equipped bedroom.

4. Take food with you to bed. Get started with whipped cream

5. Nighttime, you can have sex outside.

6. You can have sex in many roles.

7. Talk about different scenarios of sexual relationships and imagine them together.

8. Caring for one another and perhaps involving friends in the exchange of carings.

9. When you take a trip, have sex along the side of the road, in your car.

10. You can have a night out with another couple while on vacation, or you can organize it at home on a weekend.

11. Take a moment to relax on the beach.

12. You can have sex in the bathroom of a restaurant, or in a dark corner.

13. In public, touch the table.

14. Enjoy sex in the bathtub or shower.

15. You can try some unusual positions with the Kamasutra.

16. You can have an erotic massage with a couple. The masseuses should be of a different sex.

17. Sex in another person’s bed.

18. You can watch porn while listening to loud music and having sex.

19. Film yourself undressed.

20. You can have sex with another couple in the same bed.

21. You can have sex in public transport, such as a bus, train or plane.

22. All night long, have tantric sex

23. Switch roles in bed

24. You can help one another a little by sharing your thoughts and a few handcuffs.

25. You can have sex in the fitting area of a clothing shop.

26. Take your dinner to bed and not the other person’s body.

27. You can pretend to be asleep while your partner is in you. Don’t resist, and let him do whatever he wants.

28. When having sex, take turns with one another blindfolded.

29. Many people are afraid of the sado-masochistic zone. However, you can make bed comfortable with a whip or rope and a few scarves.

30. Anal sex. Use a lubricant if it hurts. Try another lubricant if it continues to hurt.

31. In a restaurant, touch her private parts. Make sure the table is tall enough that you are not noticed by others.
32. Take the curtain off and get very close to the window.

33. You can scratch each other up to the limit each one has.

34. While you are having sex, leave the door to your hotel room open for staff.

35. Refuse to sex as if you were being raped or molested.

36. You can have sex in the sea, pools or ocean.

37. You can use sex toys in bed.

38. Play naked poker with your friends.

39. After getting drunk at a party, have sex

40. Think about what it would be like to have sex with a fictional character. Talk to your partner about it.

The most absurd proposals…

1. Do you want to swing with a couple?

2. You can tie yourself with a rope and use handcuffs. It scares some people but it’s worth it.

3. Although hooks and pinches can be painful, if they are placed correctly they will deliver results.

4. Do you prefer to be dominated or dominate? You can try both.

5. You should have sex at the most dangerous places.

6. Golden showers (pee upon each other)

7. You can see your partner having sex.

8. Your partner and you use a double dildo: one side penetrates yourself, the other penetrates him.

9. Threesome sex with someone you like.

10. Let’s have sex, and you can be filmed by another couple.

All the ideas should be tested and used according to each person’s preference. These suggestions are meant to spark imaginations.