Jim Rohn, an American entrepreneur and motivational speaker says we should take care of our bodies because it is the only place where we can live. It is the only place where you can live.” Perhaps if we were more knowledgeable about it, it would be easier to appreciate it and take better care of it.

The way our bodies function and are made is amazing. These 15 amazing facts about the human body are hard to believe but are very true.

1. If the DNA structure of a person were to align, it would reach a distance between Earth and Pluto.

2. To take one step, an adult uses 200 muscles.

3. Every ten years, the human skeleton gets completely renewed.

4. The body senses taste in 0.15 seconds. This is faster than blinking.

5. The human brain can process up to 1000 words per hour. To increase concentration and memory, it is a good idea to take a brain tonic during times of intellectual overload.

6. 35 million beats a year are recorded in the heart.

7. Brain contains 86 billion nerve cells, connected by 100 trillion connections. This is more than the number stars in the Milky Way.

8. On average, we produce approximately 25,000 liters saliva per year. This is enough to fill two swimming pools.

9. On average, a person consumes 35 tons of food in his lifetime. This staggering amount of food means that our digestive system requires some help. A digestive supplement can prevent or treat these problems.

10. The brain releases the same mix of hormones and neurotransmitters when we are in love.

11. Our muscles are stronger than we think. To protect the tendons and muscles against injury, human strength is limited. Adrenaline can help overcome this limitation. Some people can lift boulders and even cars.

12. Every second, 25 million cells are created in the body. It produces more cells every 13 seconds than the United States of America.

13. A woman can have up to 35 children in her lifetime, from a physical standpoint. Natural supplements for fertility or virility can be used to treat infertility and other issues related to sex.

14. Human bones can support weight as well as granite.

15. When we frown, we use 43 muscles, while smiling, only 17 muscles. It’s easier to smile than to frown.